Peacock Patch Work Design

Peacock Patch Work Design

This is a Peacock Patch Work Design. To make this kind of flower, we have to work on simple fabric first, then glue it to the back side of the fabric and then cut the desing Then in this way our patch is ready

The way that we can use such a patch is that first we fix the fabric by putting it on the frame and then we have to place the patch where we have to set our patch.Where we have to set our patch then freeze the patch by outlining the outer side of the patch. Use the normal thread for the outline. Bo can also use the patch according to the matching or we can also use the nylon thread.

To do this work, I have used material and needle which are like this. Blue Red green yellow Silk double thread, Goldan Zari Thread 60 number, Copper Bullion Wire, Golden French Wire, Copper French Wire Dori, Double Silk thread Needle Size 13 numbar 0.55mm Beads Needle Size 23 number 0.45mm

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