Aari Work Free Class ( Part 1 )

Hello friends this is the first Video of Aari Work Free Class Series In this Aari Work Series, we will Teach you all the Stitches in Aari Work Basic.

If you want, you can learn by watching all the videos of this series on our YouTube channel Sikhte Raho, or you can learn by reading all the posts coming on our website Sikhteraho.in

List of what you will learn in this series

• Needle and Material Information
• How to Fix Cloth on Frame
• Normal Thread Line and Shape Stitch
• Zari Thread Line and Shape Stitch
• Silk Thread Line and Shape Stitch
• Beads Line and Shape Stitch
• Sequins Stitches
• And more than Stitches

This is a Aari Work Free Class, I am Aslam Hussain, first of all we know which items are most important to learn Aari Work.

We need all these items to learn Aaw Work You have to take a Frame or Stand Frame or a Cot Adda and take the Cloth whichever is easily available to you.

And then we have to take Two Types of Needle, first Needle is to take Double Thread 14 Number in 0.5mm Size and Secondly Beads Needle 23 Number is to take 0.45mm in Size.

Then we have to take all this Normal Cotton Spun Thread Zari Thread Silk Thread Nylon Thread and Beads Seed Beads Cut Beads Long Bugle Beads Sequins Chain Stone Kundan Stone Fitting Stone and Sew Stone and Pearls Beads and many more items..

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