Welcome to SikhteRaho.in

I am doing this work since last 15 years Or is the company I started 2016 I did an embroidery learning channel on YouTube in 2016 Sikhte Raho

Then on the demand of the viewers, we started selling the embroidery material online. Our product range includes embellishment components like sequins, beads, hotfixes and sew-ons, French metallic wires, useful and innovative tools like electrical hotfix machines, different kinds of embroidery needles, embroidery frames, silk thread Zari thread kundan stone chain stone fitting stone.

We at sikhteraho.in take special care to source our products only from highly qualified and trained artisans from all over India,

At SikhteRaho.in we strive for highest level of ‘Customer satisfaction’ possible. Our superlative research, trend and forecast team ensures that we have the most innovative products on our shelves, and is delivered to your studio either in sampling or production quantities.

We guarantee on time delivery, and we welcome all pre and post service queries with a smile and a determination to provide as many solutions as possible!

We want all the embroidery lovers in India and around the world to join us and share their work with us and let them share our work with them.