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Hello Friends I’m Aslam from Sikhte Raho

>When and where did I learn to do this Aari work?

My uncle used to live in Delhi, this is from 1998, at that time he was in school and my uncle used to do the same Aari work and many people used to work with him.And whenever I got leave from school, I would go to Delhi to stay with him.

And seeing all the people there doing this Aari work, then he used to think that he will do the Aari work in a day and will do the same work with other people.

Then what was it, did not take time and broke it and started this Aari work, but after some time my uncle left Delhi and Bo started living at home.

Then whenever I got time, I used to practice a lot on Aari work and started living more in my grandmother’s house in fi.

And then after school, if I got time, I learned this Aari work by staying with my maternal uncle and then also learned to make designs on butter paper with my maternal uncle.

And learned from maternal uncle that how saw work is done and then went to Mumbai for the first time and did Aari work after staying there for 5 more years.

Then after that for some time in Jaipur also did the same Aari work, then in 2008 went out of India to Yemen to do the same Aari work and then did the same saw work after staying in Yemen for 3 years.

And then once again traveled to Jaipur and while doing the same saw work, spent 7 years in Jaipur and in the meantime Sikhte Raho started in Jaipur itself on 19th Oct 2016.

And in the meantime, once again got a chance to go out of India and then went out to do the same Aari work, lived there and worked for only 3 months.

But in the midst of all this, keep on learning on your YouTube channel, but keep uploading relative videos from Aari Work.

And then from then till now you have been getting the love of you people and then on the behest of you people, from July 07, 2020, I started selling Aari Work material online.

And today it has been 5 years since you have been associated with you through YouTube channel, thank you very much to all of you, today our family on YouTube has become 60.000.Sikhte Raho

Love you a lot, Sikhte Raho our youtube family like you guys love

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