20 Color Seed Beads With Plastic Box 10/0 ( 2mm )


• Pack of: 20 Beads Color Box
• Each Box Weight: 25 Grams
• Size of Box: 3×6cm
• Size of Beads: 10/0 (Diameter of bead is between 2MM to 2.5MM

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Product Details
In this 20 color beads pack, you can get beads of any 20 color, sometimes it happens that if any of these color beads becomes short, then you can also be given another color in return.
With the help of all these 20 color beads, you can make a lot of your designs and this pack has another advantage, you are getting 20 colored beads for the price of a full packet, so it can be a very profitable deal for you.

You can see how to use this material by visiting our YouTube channel.


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